Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's back, her blog has changed to ...See you there! =)


Friday, March 11, 2011

People you miss Jiujiuz? Everyone anticipating for her comeback? She's gonna be back real soon...stay tune...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

*It's almost Christmas*

How should she start,....
Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose,
And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows,
hmm..sounds alright,what if she go..
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride, In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride, In a one horse open sleigh
A bit too kiddie? she thought so.., *thinking*..let's try
Last Christmas I give you my heart
But the very next day you give it away
This year to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special
would that be it? ...but it sounds kinda sad..what about...
Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see my baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is...
You .......? this is a nice one but she's still searching so she might as well go on with..
She wish you all a Merry Christmas,
She wish you all a Merry Christmas,
She wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Good tidings she brings to you all and your kins
Good tidings for Christmas and Happy New Year
*giggles* ...She's here to give a greeting for the loved!
This year she drew an art *the names written on the ornaments are, *Lau Family 'which is her family', CaJill, Rodolphe&Rodriguez, JPAK and all her friends! Wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with lots of love!! XOXO



Monday, November 30, 2009

* God's gift *

Their there when you first open your eyes,
Their there watching you grow up,
Their there for you when you're up or down,
They are the ones that care for you and believe in you

They love you for who you are and they never give up

This is what they call unconditional love
They will always be there for you

Through thick and through thin

Because they are the one that holds the key to your heart
They sees the best in you despite your faults
They are the ones we call 'Family'


Sunday, November 29, 2009

* The night is still young *

'It's Saturday' they said to each other, so what's the plan?
'Velvet? Phuture? Barsonic? Rootz?'
hmm.'Let's go for all'
One night, seven hours, a mixture of Beer, Malibu, Jagerbomb, Jack Daniel's, Long Island and lastly Moet.
Good Girls Go Bad






Wednesday, November 25, 2009

* 2009 she's in love *


If you glance over her dinner plate, you'll never see a sight of healthily green veggies. Her tastebuds have been pampered with juicy, yummy red meats that obviously green veggies will be tasteless to her. And she wonder to herself, why will these people torture themselves for healthy stuff and settle for something less scrumptious? weird eh...
It's sad but true, she never like veggies when she was young.

Three weeks ago, she was strolling down the supermarket aisle in China with her dad, graciously picking snacks and chucking it to her basket. So daddy said, let's hop over to the veggie session, we'll have veggies for dinner. She literally gagged in awe and deep within, she was crying to god for help. Trying her luck she asked 'um Papa, Can we have some meat too? I feel like ginger chicken or beef.. beef would be great, you know just in case!!'

To find a quick shut down her dad says politely' Baby, today, no chicken or beef, maybe I'll add some seafood or a bit of minced pork but it's all about greens, you're not young anymore and it's time to learn and eat some healthy food'. She showed him the grumpy face and said 'I'm always young Papa, but it wouldn't hurt to try' *smiling inside*

He pick up bok choy , lettuce and this weirdly long, hard and light green one, leafless and uttered 'this one here is a rich source of vitamin C, phalides, and coumarins inflammation, blood pressure, beats cholesterol, prevent cancer and it's taste good too, you should try tonight'. She took a look at the weird long hard green one and said 'Papa you got to be kidding me, this is Celery! I can try anything but Celery?! Eew..I can sense the smell of it even without eating it! Eew eew.!' Daddy looked warmly at her and said 'I'll make it into a a dish that you can't find the taste of Celery in it' . To be honest, all that's playing in her mind is, how good can this taste, it's Celeeeeeeeeeery!, but she don't want to break his enthusiasm since he's excited to be the cook this time so she forced a smile and nod to him.

* Celery *

Dinner was obviously not something she look forward to that night, and yet she still have to drag herself to the dining table. The dishes were nicely cooked and served in the table, Bok Choy with Fried Dace with salted black beans , Lettuce with minced pork and the main dish Celery with cuttlefish and ginger. She started out with Bok choy 'she liked it because it actually taste alright, next she tries the Lettuce, ' it taste good too' then she wonder ' it wasn't so bad after all, why didn't I like veggies when I was young, just because it's green in color?' * that's what she remembered * Then her dad looked at her and pointed his fingers to the third dish and said 'now,try this' She look at the plate and she feels the shivers in her body, with no choice at all, she reluctantly took a small bite but apologetically as she am, she couldn't bear to swallow it. The next thing she knew, she spitted it out.
Aigh.. She know daddy wants her to try celery because its good. But in the end she gave up. She look at her daddy and said ' Papa, I will eat the other veggies but not this, I just can't put it inside my mouth, I'm sorry ' Then she asked her daddy, ' can I actually blend it to a juice, maybe it will taste better? ' He looked at her and smile ' you can try '. So to please everyone, including herself to learn to love it, she came out with this brilliant idea to blend it with fruit juices!!! Yup that's rite, she bet the fruits will cover the weird celery taste.

Off she goes to do her experiment.....
She choose the fruits she loves most for the experiment which is apple, orange, dragon fruit, tomato and lastly celery. And guess what, It's 2009 and she's in love, she never knew blending all into one actually taste so good!
She came up with a name for her fruit juice, * Fruitalli Amour *
* it's good for health and you guys should try and blend the fruits you like all into one instead of eating them one by one * =)

Now she is proud to say she is eating vegetables and Celery too =)


* She's missing you *

A beautiful Sunday morning and she pulled him out to the streets. It bothered him every time she said she want to go out for a walk and this is the third time. The reason why she repeatedly asked to go out is because she still haven't found that particular item that she wanted since few months back. Suddenly he got a phone call from his friend, telling him about this shop at the corner of the street .
* a gift of love from her dearest brother * =)
* I know you don't want your picture to be posted but you have no choice, this is my blog *
* evil smile *

Kyori Kusagami
A guy with an open heart
and never missing the part
A guy who protects her from being hurt
and leaves his pain in dirt
A guy she love to be around
because he is a close friend found
A guy who always puts out his hand
and act like he understand
A guy with a heart full of music
bringing her to the world of trance music
A guy she can always turn to
because he is always true
* She can't wait till you're back in KL as she miss having you around and dancing with you!! *


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